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ways to use cooked chicken

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There are so many ways to use cooked chicken!  Now that I have been posting recipes for a while, I’d like to share one of my favorite things about cooking:  planning and cooking for the days ahead.

If you’re like, me, and you love to meal prep, making a big batch of chicken for the week is a frequent ingredient on my list.  But who wants to eat the same roasted or shredded chicken all week long?  Not me.  And even if you’re not a huge meal prepper, it is always good to have some ideas for reusing your chicken leftovers.  

Stir it into a pasta dish.

simple chicken lo mein

One dish pasta dinners are usually a quick and easy option that I turn to on work nights.  Having a protein already prepped makes it even simpler!

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Make a delicious and healthy soup.

chicken noodle soup

Most of the prep work for a soup is cutting up all the ingredients, and then you just watch it cook.  You could also make your soup in an instant pot or slow cooker, and add your precooked chicken at the end to heat it up!

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Salads and sandwiches.

pulled chicken parm sliders

I mean, topping a salad with chicken or using it in a sandwich is a no brainer.  Below are some foolproof options that I love to use.

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Make something comforting.

homemade chicken pot pie

Who says meal prep is only for dieting / clean eating?  Enjoy your short cut in a cozymeal that takes less effort!

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Add it to a skillet dinner.

cashew chicken stir fry

Skillet dinners are great for when you need dinner quick, and don’t want to make a huge mess.  I use my skillet ALL THE TIME, and here are some recipes that are my go-to’s.

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