how to keep a freezer inventory

three ways to keep an up-to-date inventory of your freezer

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It is super important to stay on top of the food you have, and if you know how to keep an up-to-date inventory of your freezer, it makes it so much easier to know what you have.  No matter what size freezer you have, having a list on hand makes meal planning and reducing waste so much easier and more efficient.

I am the queen of always THINKING I know exactly what I have in my freezer, but then getting fun surprises to remind me of things I forgot.  There was a time when I had 3 beef roasts… over 3 lbs each in the freezer at the same time.  I only have 2 people to feed.  2 people.  That includes me.  Why do I collect so much beef?  Because I forget what I have and over buy when things go on sale.

To learn how to keep an up-to-date inventory of your freezer and stay consistent, it is best to keep a list at all times.  Here are my easy tips that you can turn into daily habits, so that you always have an accurate list:

Try this list that I use!

Download and print this list to help you get started.  Every now and then you may need to start a fresh sheet.

  • For the quantity section, I like to use hashmarks for each unit, instead of just writing a hard number.  This way, whenever you take one item out or add more, you can just scribble out the hashmark instead of writing a new number.  

Start with a fresh list

  • I find it best to take everything out of your freezer when doing this.  By taking everything out of your freezer, you can have a Marie Kondo moment, and see everything that you actually have.  Getting everything out of the freezer also allows you to reorganize, and ensures that you will get a totally accurate list.

Use this list as a printed paper list, and keep it close to the freezer.

  • Your list needs to be easy to get to, and close to the freezer, so that anyone taking food out can keep the list updated.  I used to keep a digital list and I found myself constantly having to start from scratch and take everything out of my freezer again, because I wasn’t updating it, and when other people took food out, they weren’t able to update it either.  A paper list nearby makes updating less complicated, and more convenient, so you can be more consistent.