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20 of my favorite grocery items to buy at Costco to save me time and money

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I shop for a household of two people, so one would think that a Costco membership wouldn’t really make a lot of sense for us… but Costco actually has a lot of items that Ryan and I like to buy on the regular. It was actually really hard picking a top 20 of my favorite grocery items to buy at Costco to save me time and money. When shopping at Costco, because most of the grocery items are in huge quantities, I look for things that fit in one of 3 categories:

  • Things we use frequently
  • Food that freezes well
  • Really great bargains

Below are the 20 items that we buy on the regular, and I usually only get them at Costco now. Comment below any of your favorites that I need to get into!

fresh garlic

2 lbs of fresh garlic

This really is a HUGE bag of garlic. I pick this up when my meal plan includes recipes that will require a lot of garlic, and I still don’t finish it all within a week. Once the week is over, I like to freeze whatever garlic is left that we didn’t use. Freeze your garlic by mincing it first, then place in ice cube trays. Your future self will thank you! Don’t feel like prepping all that garlic? You can also toss a few into a ziplock bag and save for the next time you make a stock!

rotisserie chicken

Kirkland Signature Rotisserie Chicken

Costco has huge rotisserie chickens… and they are delicious and cheap. Perfect for a quick and easy dinner after a long day of shopping, or shred some up for a pre-cooked chicken short cut!

chicken thighs

Kirkland Signature Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

I don’t usually go for a boneless skinless chicken cut, but these boneless skinless chicken things are great for fried chicken sandwiches, weeknight stir fries, and slow cooker shredded chicken. I really appreciate how Costco divides up this pack of about 6 lbs of chicken thighs into 6 separate packages. Perfect for a smaller household like mine, and it makes freezing, and thawing so much easier!

Tyson Premium Cornish Game Hens (frozen)

I love roasting these little cornish game hens. The price is amazing, and the chicken is super tasty! Once thawed, I like to marinade a cornish game hen in buttermilk for a simple roasted chicken, or dry the skin out with some salt, for a simple salted chicken with crispy skin.

beef that is on sale

Okay, so most of the time, I can find beef for better prices at my local grocery stores.. but when you find some beef on sale, take advantage! Costco has really great quality beef. I love their big beef tenderloin (I usually have to cut it up and freeze in portions,) beef chuck, and ground beef!

Kirkland Signature Low Sodium Bacon

What’s better than a lot of bacon? A lot of bacon that is cheap AND delicious. This bacon comes in 4 x 1 lb packs. This is another frozen meat item that I like to buy, and like some of my other favorites, it is separated in 4 different packs so you don’t have to go nuts trying to thaw a reasonable portion.

Cabot 3 year cheddar cheese

This is a big brick of cheddar, and when you taste how delicious it is, you will be so glad you have over 2 lbs of it! This cheddar is always a crowd favorite on a cheese board, or you can grate it for tacos, salads, or melting.

Citterio Prosciutto Di Parma, 2 x 6 oz

We go through a lot of prosciutto in my kitchen, so I always pick up this two pack whenever I go to Costco. Delicious quality, even better price!

Kirkland Signature Extra Large, 24 ct 

This may seem like a lot of eggs, but they really do last a while! They’re a super cheap pantry staple that are hard to pass up.

Kirkland Signature Unsalted Butter

Kirkland butter is another cheap pantry staple, and I love stocking up because you can freeze it! This package is 16 sticks of butter in 4 separate packs.

Heinz All Natural Distilled White Vinegar, 1.32 gal

We go through white vinegar pretty quickly, mostly because of how often I use it to clean around the apartment, or clean produce.

Kirkland Signature Whole Fancy Unsalted Cashews, 2.5 lbs

These cashews are delicious, and the price is amazing. I like to buy my cashews in bulk bc I make cashew chicken pretty frequently, and we also eat these by the handful as snacks.

Nestle Tollhouse Semi-Sweet Morsels, 72 oz

This is another item that might seem a little excessive. 72 oz of chocolate chips… how many cookies can one make? Well, I like buying this huge bag because they are also great for melting down into chocolate treats, and the bag has a really nice resealable zip top closure!

Better Than Bouillon Organic Chicken Base, 16 oz

I love having this large jar of bouillon in the fridge. Better than Bouillon adds amazing flavor to my dishes, and I never have to worry about running out of chicken broth. One of these jars literally makes 76 cups of chicken broth!

Kirkland Signature Canola Cooking Spray, 2 X 14 oz

I like this cooking spray a lot because the oil has a very neutral flavor, and the price is fantastic!

Kikkoman Soy Sauce, 2 qt

I honestly don’t even think 2 quarts of soy sauce is a lot. And it’s super cheap.

Kirkland Signature 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 30 Rolls

Not gonna lie… I usually plan my Costco trips around this toilet paper. When I am running low, it is time for a trip to Costco. Kirkland toilet paper really is fantastic! I love the quality.. AND the price.

Kirkland Signature Paper Towels, 12-count

I love these paper towels. The quality really is fantastic. They’re just thick and strong enough to pick up a mess, and this might sound insignificant, but the sheets tear off beautifully! I recently had to get some Bounty paper towels because Costco was out of these, and I really miss my Kirkland. I never knew I would feel this way about a paper towel, but here I am.

Finish Powerball Max-in-1 Dishwasher Detergent, 125 ct

These dishwasher tabs work great, and the price is a steal!

Tide Powder He Laundry Detergent, 254 oz

Tide powder: not just for cleaning laundry! If you follow Go Clean Co on Instagram, you probably already know why it is so necessary to have a huge box of powder Tide on hand. It cleans your clothes better than the pods or liquid, it cleans your washing machine while it cleans your clothes, and when mixed with hot water and a little bleach, it is a multi purpose disinfecting household cleaner. Go buy some today!